How to add a new E-mail account to Outlook Express 6

This program will be installed upon initial installation of Windows XP/Purchase of a new computer with Windows XP. 

Windows Vista users will not have the ability to use Outlook Express Refer to: Windows Mail

This tutorial will show you how to setup/verify your email address in Outlook Express:

 Open the Outlook Express Program.

(If this is your first time running the program, it will automatically start the wizard that sets up your account. You will continue to the 4th Image if this has Occurred.)

Click Tools, a menu will pop up.

 Click Accounts... at the bottom of the menu. The Internet Accounts box will appear.

Click the Mail tab at the top of the box. Any pre-existing configured accounts will show up here.

Click the Add> button, then click Mail... This starts the setup wizard.

On the first page enter your Full Name

Click Next> Enter your full email address in the box. (

There are three items on this page, set them as follows:
"My server is a POP3 server."
"Incoming mail server" : (This must be entered in lower case letters.
"Outgoing mail server" : (This must be entered in lower case letters.)

Click Next>

This page has two fields and two check boxes, set them as follows:"Account name" :  Should already be entered. This is only the first part of your E-Mail Address

"Password" : enter the password for your E-Mail Address (This is case sensitive.)
"Remember password" : Should be Checked
"Log on using Secure Password Authentication" : Should Be Un-Checked

Click Next>
Now Click Finish. Once again we see the Internet Accounts box.
 Double-click the account. This brings up the Properties box.
Click the Servers tab at the top:

At the bottom of the page is a check box labeled: My server requires authentication. Click it so that it becomes checked.
At the bottom of the page click apply, and then OK. This brings you back to the Internet Accounts box.
Click Close. You are done adding the email account.
We recommend that you restart your outlook express program at this time.
Once re-opened, try the Send/Receive button at the top to proceed.