Dial-up Service Features
  • Unlimited Access
  • $20 per month
  • 2 FREE E-Mail Addresses
  • Spam & Virus Filtering
  • Annual Prepayment Credits
  • Senior and Teacher Discounts ($17/mo.)
  • Free Genuine Local Technical Support
  • No Setup Fees
  • 5 Mb of Server Space (Non Commercial)
  • Web E-Mail (Access Your E-Mail from Any Computer)

Dialup service is available to anyone with a phone line and a modem.

All @rof.net email accounts get free email spam and virus filtering service using ROF's MXLOGIC Service! Check out the MXLOGIC page for information on filtering your domain.

A ROF.net dial-up account is perfect for those who access the Internet on a limited basis, or for those who want a back-up in case Cable or DSL goes down . You can dial up as often as you want and stay connected for up to 12 hours per day of active Internet use.