ROF.NET partners with the City of Glenwood Springs Community Broadband Network to deliver point-to-point wireless connectivity to most areas within the city.  Availibity is dependent on line of site to the tower location.  Please call to qualify for service.

Service is available in the City of Glenwood Springs, Buffalo Valley, No Name, Spring Valley, West Bank Mesa, CMC Corner Area, Aspen Glen, Oak Meadows, & Certain Areas Along 4-Mile Road.  

Basic Service OptionsResidential    Commercial
Wireless Connection up to 2+ Mbps$49/mo.$82/mo.
Motorola Canopy Antenna Fee$0/mo.$0/mo.
Parabolic Dish (For distances 3+ miles)$6/mo.$0/mo.
E-Mail Accounts    5    5    
# of Computers Connected1Multiple
Static IP Address$5.00$5.00
Installation Fee
Additional Service Options    ResidentialCommercial
Emergency Dial Up Access (10 hrs./mo.)FREEFREE
Special Wiring$65/hr.$65/hr.